Call 03

03 Nov 2009
01 Oct 2009
Denison Design
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I was called in to help transform an overly complicated product website into one that anyone could easily understand.

Faced with the possibility of losing potential customers to competitors, our client wanted to redevelop their telecommunications product website to be much clearer and more useable. I provided a new logo and UI design to support their initiative.

The logo was intentionally designed to be reminiscent of an iPhone icon, making it both fashionably current and benefitting from the associations of high-tech telephony.

Product features were simplified to a few key benefits rather than the overwhelming list that existed before. The product portfolio was renamed and restructured to make it as easy as possible for customers to choose the most suitable product.

A convoluted shopping experience was converted into an easy to follow one. What was previously a cryptic product selection process was redesigned to be as intuitive as possible.

Call 03

Shopping for 03 numbers

Call 03

03 number benefits table

Call 03

Call 03 homepage


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