Screenprint Workshop

26 Jun 2009
02 May 2009
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The Western Australia chapter of AGDA held a screenprinting workshop early in May of 2009. Master printmaker James Bryans hosted the workshop in his studio, with about 8 members attending.

My medium of choice for my Fine Art degree was screenprinting, but I hadn't revisited it since graduating in 1992. Recently, I had been dreaming about getting back into again, but I couldn't find any workshop facilities for print-making in Perth. So I jumped at the opportunity to be able to pull a few prints again

Being a day workshop, there would only be enough time to produce one fairly simple print. I decided on recycling an old drawing from my sketchbook, and add some of the colours and shapes I've been enjoying making lately.

It felt great to be able to work in a hands-on way again, as well as to draw on long lost skills, and pick up some new ones in the process. What was particularly interesting about the workshop was being shown how accessible the medium is. A print studio can be as hi or as lo-tech as you want it to be. It is very possible to set up with even a small budget and a modest amount of space.

Link: AGDA WA screenprinting workshop

Screenprint Workshop

Printed at the workshop


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