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New Season

18 Aug 2010

A busy Perth winter is turning into a busy Perth spring. Which is just the way we like it.

A number of very interesting projects have passed through my studio over the past few months, so look out for a spate of portfolio updates and announcements in the coming weeks.

Cicerello's logo


30 Mar 2010

I had fun working with Busara on the new Cicerello's website.

The Fremantle icon required a website makeover, and I was fortunate enough to be able to help Busara develop the design


Your local web guys

25 Mar 2010

If you've ever wondered what the 220 crew look like, wonder no more.

The new Twotwenty's site has gone live. It's the first step of many towards introducing ourselves to local business.

Rails Training

Rails Training

11 Mar 2010

I'm getting Ruby On Rails training direct from the pros.

Myles and Alex have launched a new Rails course and I'm enrolled in the class!

First lesson was an overview of Ruby, and next week we get into Rails proper.

Joey Dunlop

Two Wheels Good

26 Feb 2010
Photo Christof Berger

I'm looking forward to redesigning the On Two Wheels TV Show website.

Loving motorcycles at least as much as I love design, I think this project is going to be a lot of fun. We're aiming to launch a new site a month or so from now.

The sleeping giant has woken.


24 Feb 2010

A new 220 website is in the works.

We're gearing ourselves up for exciting times, and it's time have a website working for us.


10 Feb 2010

Modular housing designers, Mopod, launch a new site which I helped build.

The site was designed by Katie Mitchell and developed by Speak.

I helped produce templates, and had much fun using a Heroku/Sinatra/Haml & Sass toolkit.


Mathematically speaking

05 Feb 2010

Speak is developing a new logo, and I'm excited to be involved.

This has been fun. Without giving too much away, we've been using watercolours, Pythagoras and the square root of 2 to explore possibilities. Watch this space.

Call 03

Calling 03

04 Nov 2009

UK company, Windsor Telecom, launches a new phone number product.

Call 03 is a new mini-site which replaces this one. Denison Design retained me to design the new logo and UI.

The Lohi List

Hunting Hi and Lo

22 Sep 2009

Just two months in development, TheLoHiList has soft-launched.

Hopefully the first of many Rails' apps I get to collaborate on, this highly usable job board was developed by associates Brown Beagle Software and designed by yours truly.

My Sidney Physio


20 Sep 2009

New logo design completed for a physio and massage clinic.

Friends of mine are in the process of launching a new physiotherapy and massage clinic in Sydney. I was flattered to be selected to design their logo.



27 Jun 2009

Houston, we have liftoff.

I’m trying something different this time. Instead of launching with an exhaustive portfolio, I will cherry pick favourites from the past and document new projects as they happen.

The site will represent the work I’ve enjoyed most and point to the work I'm most interested in doing more of.


Moving to 220

05 Nov 2008

I have recently moved office to Leederville.

I have recently moved office to Leederville, and am now sharing space with an inspiring group of designers and developers ( After 3 years of working from a home office, it’s an exciting change to find myself out in public again.



05 Nov 2008

I have designed new logo for TEARS.

I recently designed a logo for TEARS (Tibetan Emergency Aid Refugee Society) with a website project to follow.

The logo will be discussed in a forthcoming article.